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Diagnostic Imaging & Ultrasound in Valdosta, GA

It is often difficult to understand what is happening when your animal is experiencing pain and discomfort. In these scary and confusing moments, the professionals at Northside Animal Hospital are here to assist. Our hospital offers diagnostic imaging and ultrasound services that help to diagnose, monitor and discern the internal health of your pet.

More commonly known as x-rays, radiographs are a vital tool in the diagnosis and monitoring of a number of medical or surgical conditions. Radiographs help veterinarian and technicians to get a better look at your pet’s heart, lungs, abdomen, oral cavity, or other areas of the body that may be difficult to examine with the naked eye. When used with other diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, it is easier to accurately diagnose potential health threats, allowing your veterinarian to determine the best course of treatment.

At Northside Animal Hospital, we utilize state of the art radiographic equipment.

Ultrasound is a simple, pain-free diagnostic tool that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce live images of your pet’s internal organs. This is particularly helpful when it comes to an animal’s abdominal organs that are difficult to evaluate otherwise. Like radiographs, ultrasound works best when they are in conjunction with other diagnostic methods.

Similar to endoscopy, video otoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that uses an otoscopy to capture images of the inside of your pet’s ear.

To learn more about our state-of-the-art ultrasound and radiograph diagnostic procedures, contact us today by calling (229) 244-2983.

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