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    Discover Top Five Approaches That Reputable Valdosta GA Veterinarians Use To Help You Live With Healthy Pets

    The overall nutritional status and general wellness of pets form essential aspects that vets use during comprehensive health examination. They use various parameters such as weight loss, disease screening, physical appearance and skin changes to identity health needs of every pet taken for medical attention. Such initiatives depict the efforts pet owners put to ensure they live with healthy companions at all times. Working closely with a reliable veterinarian can supplement your input as you get professional intervention for the pet healthcare. This post highlights the key approaches that reliable Valdosta GA veterinarians use to help you have healthy pets.

    Schedule an Examination with Your Veterinarian

    Take your pets to experienced vets regularly for comprehensive screening and physical exam to establish any health needs. Pet examination helps us to identify any impending illnesses and treat them before they worsen to major conditions. We also assess the vaccination schedule for the pets and administer them if due or schedule vaccine administration for the appropriate date. You will also get relevant pet health education and recommendations on appropriate dietary intake.

    Limit Empty Calories and Portioned Feeds

    Your veterinarian will also assess the daily caloric intake for every pet and recommend the right diet. Visit reliable Valdosta animal hospitals to have vets calculate the daily caloric needs for your pets and prescribe daily calorie intake for your pet to maintain, gain or lose specific weight whenever needed. Our vets will advise you on how to use portioned feedings to avoid leaving them completely out the pet meal plan.


    We are always happy at Northside Animal Hospital to have clients visit our clinic to weight their pets regularly. Such healthy practices help our team and pet owners track the pet progress. Reputable animal clinics in Valdosta assess the pattern in weight changes to recommend appropriate action during weight management in pets. Recording weight routinely will also help you plan the feeding program and budget to acquire relevant feeds for suitable weight management.

    Regular Exercise

    Consider visiting our clinic to set an exercise schedule that is sustainable and safe for your pets. We assess the health status of every pet and customize the exercise plan for its specific wellness needs. Some pets will need moderate nature walks coupled with brisk rate for a short period to improve the heart rate. You can then increase the duration of walks gradually to allow pet adapt to the metabolic needs during the exercises.

    Involve the Entire Family

    It is imperative to ensure the entire household takes part in the process and supports the initiative to improve the general wellness of the pets. Improving the nutritional status in a pet requires discipline because a single slip of bacon or hotdog can derail the progress. We also give you a special chart where you and family members can record every intervention they implement on the pet wellness improvement journey.

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